1 NFT = Starting at 10 $BANDIT tokens minimum


Rises: 1 token for every 100 created

Public Pre-Sale Starts in

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First-Ever Daily ROI NFTs on BSC


Stake in the bank to receive part ownership in the organization’s revenue share.

That means you get paid every time a user buys, sells, claims, makes, or deposits $BANDIT tokens into an NFT!

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In DeFI, you can only get so far by hustling retail arbitrage, trading pairs and long-term buy-and-hold tactics

The Bandit Project is an inaugural gang of 3,000 NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. Each NFT is formed at random and chosen for their unique style. $BANDIT token holders can make passive income by minting NFTs, providing liquidity, and getting revenue shares from all project transactions. Remember that in DeFi City, crypto is king. There are many ways to get and spend crypto, but heists are the best way to make loads of money!

Assemble Your Crew & Earn Up to 2% Daily

Every NFT mint gives you the chance to hire a unique crew member. Once your NFT is made, your capital is locked for good, and you can’t get it back. In exchange, its locked value can earn up to a 365% ROI.

Each new NFT will start earning 1% every day until all 3,000 have been sold. Once all of the items are sold, the rarity will be revealed, which could lead to higher earning percentages of 1.5% or 2% daily. The collection will then be put on a well-known NFT marketplace for reselling.

To mint a NFT you will need $BANDIT Tokens. You can trade BUSD or BNB for $BANDIT on our Decentralized Exchange (Dex), which is also called the Black Market.

The cost of making an NFT starts at ten $BANDIT tokens and goes up by one token for every 100 NFTs that are made.

1%, 1.5%, or 2% Daily ROI, depending on how rare your NFTs are.

Each NFT, also known as a "crew member," can pay out a maximum of 15,000 $BANDIT tokens before it is retired.

You can either compound your earnings or add more $BANDIT tokens to your NFT to increase your daily return

If you want to take part in the Bank Heist, you’ll need to build a relationship with the Laundromat Guy first

Once you start making passive income, you’ll need to put your trust into a good business model. Getting to know the Laundromat Guy is the first step if you want to take part in the Bank Heist. 

The Laundromat contract creates BANDIT/BNB liquidity on your behalf so that you don’t have to pay the 10% transaction fee for buying $BANDIT. The contract uses half of the BNB coins you send to it to buy $BANDIT for you. The rest of the money is used to add liquidity, making a BANDIT/BNB LP. 

Are you content with the earnings your crew generates for you? Or are you prepared to receive incredible rewards that will shock DeFi City?

Choose what to do. You are in charge!

Take Part Ownership
When You Stake LPs into the Bank

The Bank Heist will provide a banking function for the investors to take part ownership of the platform by locking up their LP funds (BANDIT/BNB) to receive BNB, BUSD, & $BANDIT payouts from the platform’s transactions. 

To incentivize longer stakes, funds sent to the Bank are distributed accordingly amongst four time-locked tiers. Stakeholders will receive a daily payout based on their percentage stake in their respective time-locked tiers. After your time lock expires, you can unstake your LP tokens or keep them staked to continue receiving daily claimable payouts.

Payouts that stakeholders in the Bank Heist will be eligible for include:

NFT mints & deposits 

Taxes from the Stash House and play to earn game revenue. 

Trading tax fees: Buys/ sells/ claims of $BANDIT tokens 

Dividends from real-world revenue streams

Bank Payout Percentages Per Transaction










Stash House Deposits

Bank Payout Distribution | Split Between Time Locked Tiers


365 Days


180 Days


90 Days


30 Days

Paying the Cost to Be the Boss

As the leader of your crew, you will have to pay dues to the group. These taxes and fees help the organization grow, stay in business, and share out long-term passive income. This is how the organization’s fees are set up:

Tokenomics Total Supply 1,000,000 Tokens

BUY 10%

4% rewards, 2% liquidity, 2% growth fund, 2% Bank

SELL 10%

4% rewards, 2% liquidity, 2% growth fund, 2% Bank


8% rewards, 2% Bank


5% upline , 3% rewards, 2% Bank


10% Rewards


2.5% Rewards, 2.5% upline

Earn 100% Passively while also taking advantage of enticing commissions for team building! Enjoy 5% direct referrals on all NFT Deposits & 2.5% on Compounds
Looking for frequently asked questions from our investors.

No, upon minting or depositing into an NFT, your principal is permanently locked and cannot be withdrawn. Investors can get a return on their investment and potentially profit from the daily interest their NFTs generate.

Yes, after the collection of 3,000 NFTs has been sold out more information will be released on which available marketplaces you can list your NFTs for resale. You can sell it for the full amount you invested and cash out. The daily ROI your NFT generates will be passed along to the buyer.

You can deposit up to 4,109 $BANDIT tokens into an existing NFT. The maximum payout per NFT is 15k $BANDIT tokens.

The project is able to expand, continue operating, and provide long-term passive revenue thanks to these taxes and fees.

To participate, investors can choose to time lock their BANDIT/BNB LP tokens for 30, 90, 180, or 365 days. A percentage of all activities that bring in money will be sent to the Bank and shared with all the people who have a stake in it based on their share of the pool. The rewards will be given out in BNB, BUSD, and $BANDIT.